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    Cyber Girl Azuka - 74 Traits

    $697.00 $1,400.00
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    Cyber Girl Azuka

    74 Traits


    • Backgrounds: 5 traits
    • Necklace: 10 traits
    • Eyes: 5 traits
    • Earrings: 10 traits
    • Eyelashes: 10 traits
    • Hairstyle: 10 traits
    • Outfits: 5 traits
    • Nose: 10 traits

    • Mouth: 5 traits


    • Skin: 4 traits


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    How does it work?

    In our store you will find exclusive NFT collections created by our in-house team that you can buy and sell at the price you want.

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    They are NOT collections already generated, they contain traits ready to generate them.

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