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    About Us

       Non Fungible House is the reference point in the NFT Space for investors, entrepreneur and creators thanks to their software and latest generation platforms.
    Since 2021 we have been helping the founders of NFT projects (or aspiring ones) to realize their own customized collection aimed at creating a successful brand.
    We were in fact the first design agency specialized in the creation of 2D and 3D NFT collections.
    Our internal team boasts of talents in technology and programming.
    We don't have a physical office (we believe in cost optimization and digitization) and we are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    As you may have guessed, we're dedicated to bringing real value to this opportunity-rich market.
    Our goal is simple: for every problem, we find a solution.




    Our team is obsessed with bringing worldwide innovation to the NFT arena, in fact that keeps us passionate about what we do is:

    "How can NFTs fit into everyday life?"
    NFTs, although very popular, are not yet part of everyday life for the general public. Or rather, they are slowly becoming so, thanks in part to projects that already involve the world of sports, movies, and video game collectibles. In addition, NFTs may also be used in the future for tracking supply chains and verifying the originality of clothing, something that a very popular sportswear brand already does.
    Our mission is to speed up this process and be leaders in this innovation through technological development and software creation. We seem to be succeeding.

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