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Up to 20% discount coupon for bulk orders!

    20% Coupon

    Make a VIDEO REVIEW for us and get a 20% coupon code to buy your own Exclusive NFT collection ready to go!   🎁


    How does it work? 🤔

    This is our official store where NFT collections hand-designed by our in-house team are offered for sale.


    They will be equipped with hand-drawn traits (accessories) and this guarantees you excellent quality and a competitive advantage in this market.


    You can choose between different design styles and concepts according to your tastes and preferences…


    You will no longer have to wait months and months for the creation of an nft collection looking for a freelancer and hoping not to stumble on some rip-off!
    You will be able to get a 20% coupon code to apply to the total price during checkout…

    Here’s how you can get the gift:

    1) Record a video review where you tell about your experience with one of our products, or simply recommend us to other people - Alternatively you can show one of our products in actions with a screenshare.
    2) Send the video review to with the subject: TESTIMONIAL


    3) Our staff will give you the exclusive Coupon Code to buy your collection in the store!


    How do I use the coupon code? 
    Simply go to, add the collection you prefer to your cart and apply the discount code we'll give you at checkout. 


    Why do we do this? 
    Our aim is to grow and offer better services to our current and future customers, so your video testimonial will help us to get ourselves known. 


    What should I say in the video review?
    Whatever you want! You can tell about your experience with one of our products, how you found it, our company, or simply recommend us to other people!


    Will you publish it somewhere? 
    Yes, on our social channels


    Can I remain anonymous? 
    Of course, if you don’t want to give your name, the testimonial can be anonymous.

    * By sending us your video testimonial you accept that it will be made public on our social channels and used for commercial purposes.